Patient Testimonials

This is their story…  What will yours be?

I can eat anything and everything, and it’s totally pain-free and solid.

“A few years ago, I found myself in a situation where I had to have dental implants. I went to an oral surgeon in Spokane, WA and had it done. After a short amount of time I started having problems – chronic bacterial infections around the implant posts, and I couldn’t eat anything that wasn’t blended or liquid.

I consulted Dr. Stephen Holm (an oral surgeon in Lewiston) and after an extensive examination, he referred me to Dr. Cody Haas. Between the two of them, they felt they could correct the situation at least to the point of making my life better – and they did!

I trusted them immediately and completely. My relationship and experience with Dr. Cody Haas was enjoyable and rewarding, his staff was always pleasant, helpful and professional.

It took several months to complete, mostly because of my job and living out of town. Amanda (Dr. Haas’ assistant) did an excellent job of coordinating appointments, not to mention assisting and being by my side at every visit. The entire process was completely painless and sort of enjoyable because of the rapport that developed between Dr. Haas, Amanda and myself.

Dr. Haas was considerate, caring, sympathetic, gentle, patient, a professional and a perfectionist! I’m glad and grateful that he was all of these, because the end result is awesome and beautiful. It feels totally natural, plus I can eat anything and everything and it’s totally pain-free and solid.

I believe you get what you pay for and for me, and it was worth every penny because now life is great and I’m confident it will continue to be!”

-Helen E., Idaho resident

I am now delighted, ecstatic, and utterly happy with my smile.

“I needed a dentist and Dr. Cody Haas showed up on a TV ad offering a free 15 minute exam. I am now delighted, ecstatic, and utterly happy with my smile. I would highly recommend Dr. Cody Haas!”

-Searching Patient

I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my dental treatment.

“I have been enjoying my fixed implant bridge for over twenty years. With continual use the back teeth had worn down until my bite began to close up, and I started having difficulty chewing. Dr. Cody Haas gave me different treatment options and recommended the best would be to make a new lower bridge with an updated implant system and new beautiful teeth that would again restore my bite, and give me a more youthful appearance. He was gentle and caring while being precise and skilled during treatment, and I didn’t have all the out of town travel that I did with the first bridge. It was great to conveniently schedule the various appointments for this treatment. I love the new look, and the ability to once again chew healthy foods. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my dental treatment. I will recommend Dr. Cody Haas to all of my family and friends!”

-Business Office Manager

It’s great to not be embarrassed about my smile.

“When my teeth began to break off as a result of taking steroids I realized that I desperately needed a dentist. I decided that I needed to see Dr. Cody Haas because he was a specialist. I loved the cheerful atmosphere in the office, and Dr. Haas was gentle and skilled in my treatment. It’s great to not be embarrassed about my smile!”

-Registered Nurse

I now feel much better about myself, and I feel that my future is so much brighter.

“I started coming to the practice in 1977 and that is 39 years. Dr. Galen Haas would get me to relax by talking to me about football as I was very nervous about going to the dentist. Now, I see Dr. Cody Haas, and with all the work that he has done on my teeth, I don’t think I would have had it done if it weren’t for Cody. He is a great addition to this practice, and I now feel much better about myself, and I feel that my future is so much brighter because of Dr. Cody Haas!”

–Long Time Patient

He made me feel very comfortable.

“The reason I went to see Dr. Cody Haas was because I wanted awesome teeth and an awesome dentist. I think one of the best things about going to Dr. Haas was that he made me feel very comfortable. I love my veneers because they look amazing, and I am no longer self-conscious about my smile.”


Dr. Haas was patient and worked with me.

“I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Cody Haas because I needed a great prosthodontist. Dr. Haas was patient and explained my options and worked with me, and I loved the personnel! Since I have completed my treatment I am no longer self-conscious about my smile!”

-College Professor

Dr. Cody Haas was very caring, and I loved the friendly atmosphere

“My wife came to Dr. Cody Haas for dental treatment, and she was very happy with the work she received, and thought that I should come to Dr. Haas as well. Dr. Cody Haas was very caring, and I loved the friendly atmosphere in this practice. Since I have completed my dental treatment I feel much better about my smile, as that was one thing that bothered me a lot. Life is generally better.”


Thanks for the time you took to explain things to me.

“Thanks for putting up with my indecisiveness and anxiety. I like my new teeth better each day. You did a great job!! Thanks for the time you took to explain things to me and for the extra anesthetic.”

-Dental Colleague’s Wife


“Whether a single implant or multiple treatments, Dr. Haas is excellent at planning, restoring, and maintaining implant treatment!”

-Oral Surgeon

“Dr. Haas has a very friendly, kind team. All are very gentle. I now have the assurance that I am doing what I can to care for my teeth.”

Brooke V., Clarkston, WA

“Best dental experience of my life. My teeth feel clean and smooth. Staff is gentle, but thorough.”

Barb R., Lewiston, ID

“Staff is friendly and the doctor is great. You don’t even feel the needle when he’s numbing you.”

Crystal P., Lewiston, ID

“I would highly recommend this dentist! Dr. Haas is super!”

Jerilyn G., Clarkston, WA

“I like to smile because I know my teeth look good. They are great and everyone is very nice.”

Anita B., Lewiston, ID

“I always smile more often after a visit to your office. This is a very low pressure office with plenty of cheerful gals. They do a great job with my kids. I really enjoy how welcome you all make me feel.”

Brad L., Genesee, ID

“The dental assistants are very professional and knowledgable. Dr. Galen Haas explains everything and is very gentle. The office staff is friendly and very nice. I went to sleep 3 times during an extended appointment.”

John A., Lewiston, ID

“I have never been uncomfortable, have felt no pain, everyone is friendly and knows me by name.”

Chris B., Clarkston, WA

“After 14 years of not being able to eat much of the right things it’s great to be able to have salads with cucumbers and tomatoes again. But probably the most enjoyable things is that my husband can take me out to dinner like we used to do. What a great feeling!”

Lynn S., Clarkston, WA

“I smile a lot when I greet customers so it makes me feel confident knowing my teeth look good. I have gone here since I was a kid. Love everyone and would never go elsewhere.”

Nicole I., Lewiston, ID

“I am very picky about my dentist. I have had 4 in my lifetime — Dr. Haas is the fourth. I continually recommend Dr. Haas. My wife and I have never had a complaint and have always actually enjoyed the office.”

Tom K., Lewiston, ID

“I always leave with a smile on my face and show off my teeth. I brought a friend here and they love it.”

Cassey P., Lewiston, ID

“I was terrified of the dentist and therefore stayed away. I finally came in at the recommendation of my husband, who came in with an extremely sore tooth. Wow! It was easy and virtually painless. My anxiety level has gone from a 10 to almost 0. Thank you — I appreciate your kindness and gentle care.”

Kari R., Lewiston, ID

“The staff is friendly, nonjudgmental and great to work with. I love this place! I won’t go anywhere else. They take care of my children as well!”

Lisa W., Clarkston, WA

“ I wanted awesome teeth and an awesome dentist. I love my veneers and I’m no longer self-conscious about my smile.”

Amanda L., Lewiston, ID

“I’ve been going to Dr. Galen K. Haas for about 25 years now. My kids and husband come here now as well. I love how well all of the staff treat my children! They are so friendly and accommodating. I love my smile, it touches so many people and that makes me so happy. Thank You All!!!

Thea B., Lewiston, ID

“My wife came here and was very happy with the work she received and thought I should come here too. Very friendly atmosphere — caring!”

Bill C., Pomeroy, WA

“Dr. Haas is great! He is upbeat and friendly!”

Hope C., Lewiston, ID

“Very friendly staff. Dentist explained everything very clearly.”

Lynn M., Clarkston, WA

“No worries about my teeth and dental health now!”

Beverly R., Lewiston, ID

“I feel much better about my smile! Dr. Haas fixed a spot on my front tooth that I’d had for year and that no one else could fix. I still talk about how great I feel!”

Katrina H., Lewiston, ID

“”My entire family has been coming here for years and we have never had a bad experience.”

Leanne C., Genessee, ID

“I am totally impressed with the digital x-rays and pictures of my teeth. Due to the complete exam I was able to see how important it was to have the work done on my teeth. I have told friends and others that Fairview Dental is the place to come. In all my 68 years I have never entered or left a dental office in a joyful state until I came to Fairview Dental.”

Deniece O., Orofino, ID

“Dr Haas is extremely gentle, cracks jokes and makes you feel comfortable.”

Patty S., Pomeroy, WA

“We appreciate the very kind care and service the staff has provided us. We look forward to many more visits.”

Kelly V., Lewiston, ID

“I love it. I’m telling all my friends about this place.”

Shane H., Lewiston, ID